5 Reasons To Invest In Rodent Control Services

Having unwanted critters and rodents in your home is not a fun experience. You may worry about rodents taking over your whole home. Many homeowners struggle to get rid of mice and other rodents on their own. It often becomes such a big issue that requires professional attention. Luckily, a rodent control company can help out and get your home back to normal again. Here are some reasons you should invest in rodent control services.

3 Reasons to Encapsulate the Crawl Space In Your Rental Property

If you own a rental property, your main goal is to make money on the property. However, in order to make money from the property — you have to invest in it. Encapsulating the crawl space of the home is an excellent way to go about accomplishing this goal, and ultimately, making money from your rental. Learn how this update can benefit your property and tenants.  1. Lower Costs Encapsulation is much like a sealant in that it helps keep outside air from impacting the temperature in the lower level of a home.

3 Symptoms Of A Sick Lawn

If you are a new homeowner, taking care of a yard can create a sense of excitement and anxiety. While it can be fun to have your own space, you might not be quite sure how to identify lawncare problems, which could perpetuate existing issues. Here are three symptoms of a sick lawn you should watch out for and why.   1.    Signs of Pest Activity While it is completely normal to see a few bugs milling around in your lawn, you should worry if you notice pests gravitating towards specific parts of the yard.

Have A Rodent Infestation In Your Building? Know These 3 Things

Do you have tenants in your building that hear noises behind the walls, leading you to suspect that there are rodents hiding somewhere? This is a problem that a landlord would prefer not to handle, but it could happen to any building. The truth is that rodents can be attracted to dirty or clean buildings as long as the place is a good living environment for them. While it can be very difficult for someone to remove these rodents from your property, the task isn't impossible to do.

Signs Your Porch's Untreated Wood Is Infested With Carpenter Ants

If you have noticed large ants crawling around on your porch,you may not be concerned about their presence at first. However, if your porch was built using untreated wood, you should investigate further, looking for the signs discussed below, to find out whether the insects are carpenter ants that may be causing serious structural damage to your porch.  Piles of Sawdust on the Floor Carpenter ants burrow their way into any beams or planks, creating small holes in the process.

That Buzzing Doesn't Sound Happy: What To Do When You Run Afoul Of Bees This Summer

Now that summer is here, you'll probably notice an increase in bee activity around the yard. In most cases, bees will stick to themselves and leave you alone. However, there may be times when bees decide that they want to claim your entire yard as part of their territory. When that happens, you need to take great care. The last thing you want is a yard full of angry bees. Here are four steps you should follow if you run into problems with bees.

Four Summertime Habits That Attract Pests Into Your Home

Have you ever wondered why you see more pests in your home during summer months? From cockroaches to rodents, these annoying creatures seem to show up when the weather is warm. This is not only because they are more active in the summer, but also because most homeowners engage in some summer habits that attract these pests. Here are four summer habits that might attract pests to your home. Leaving windows open without screens.

Keeping Your Belongings Bed-Bug Free When Visiting a Hotel

If you are going to be traveling in the near future, and your trip requires a stay in a hotel, you may be a bit concerned about the prospect of bed bugs becoming an issue. Since the bed you will be sleeping in will not be your own, it is important to take a few steps to ensure your belongings as well as your body do not fall victim to these bloodsucking parasites. Here are some tips you can use when staying in a hotel to ensure you do not bring a bed-bug problem back to your home after you check out.

Bats In The Belfry? How To Prevent And Remove Them

If you have ever lived in the country, you may have spent some time chasing a bat around the bedroom in the middle of the night. It's an unpleasant and sometimes scary experience and certainly not a long-term solution. Neither is garlic around the neck. If your home is harboring bats, you can take a few steps to get rid of them and keep them from returning. Dangers of Bats

3 Ways To Get Rid Of Termites Yourself

Termites can be an awful pest to find in your home. Termite infestations can cause you thousands of dollars worth of damage in repair due to the extensive harm that they can cause to wood based structures in your home, especially if they are integral. If you find a termite presence in your home, give some of these methods a shot. If such a problem persists, it is highly recommended that you call on the services of a professional pest control company.

How To Remove Slugs From Your Garden

Slugs are a common garden pest that can cause extensive damage to the plants in your yard. If left unchecked, they can breed quickly and spread over a wide area, which can be costly to fix and replace. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do in order to reduce the overall number of slugs in your garden and help to keep your plants healthy.  Copper  Slugs do not react well with copper: if they come into contact with it, they will receive an electric shock (similar to a static shock) that will either kill or stun the slugs, and at the very least will discourage them from coming any closer.

Three Things You Need To Know About Termite Mud Tubes

Every year, 600,000 American homes are damaged by termites. Since these pests can be present without many visible signs of an infestation, you could have a termite problem without knowing it. One sign that is very easy to overlook is the presence of mud tubes. Here are three things you need to know about termite mud tubes. What do mud tubes look like? Mud tubes are easy to identify. They're about the same width as a pencil and they look like strips of dried mud.

Dealing With Fire Ants During Dry Season? 3 Tips To Keep Them Out Of Your Home

Fire ants have a wicked bite and sting, and during a hot, dry summer, you have to be extra careful. These insects are the most painful to deal with during summer because of the increased venom levels. Their bites are common, with as much as half of people in areas with a high fire ant population getting them. But, you should still do everything you can to avoid feeling the pain that they can cause.

Keeping Your Outdoor Lawn Furniture Spider-Free

If you live in a wooded area and enjoy spending time outdoors during warmer months, you probably do not like sharing it with the pests that are likely to be in the area. One pest that tends to hang around wooded outdoor areas in search of insects to feast upon is the spider. If you find you have spider woes in your own backyard, they may harbor in cracks and crevices of your lawn furniture.

Mice Infestations: 3 Common Myths Busted

Mice are a common household pest, but just because they're common doesn't mean that they're well understood. Below are three common myths surrounding those pesky, little house mice and the facts behind them. Myth #1: Cats are the Best Natural Mouse Deterrent Fact: While some cats may be great little mouse hunters, the majority of domestic cats won't do much to prevent a rodent infestation in your home. Your cat may catch an occasional mouse or two, and they may even kill it, but it's more likely that your cat will see any rodents in your home as an annoyance not to waste time on.

Bed Bugs: Little Known Facts You May Not Have Realized

Bed bugs are some of the most frightening of all household pests, and they're also some of the most difficult to eradicate. These small, brown insects can be found in hotels, your home, and even in movie theater seats. When people hear the term bed bugs, certain images and thoughts immediately come to mind. Here are a few facts about these annoying pests that you may not have known. The Name Is Not Important

Feral Cats And Wild Dogs: Are You Legally Allowed To Exterminate Them?

If your garbage is regularly rummaged by feral cats or ransacked by wild dogs, you may have reached the point where you want to permanently eliminate the problem. The question is: Can you legally exterminate dogs and cats that are running loose in your neighborhood, and if so, how? In most parts of the country, pest control experts and exterminators may be the best source of information for this, but if you cannot find someone with the answers to your wild animal questions, the following should help.

What Are Some Ways To Kill Water Bugs?

A water bug is a type of pest that might be found in your plumbing fixtures or in puddles of water around your home. While they are often confused with cockroaches, these pests are quite different. Here are some tips for getting rid of water bugs in and around your home. Seal Off All Entrances Any time you have an indoor bug problem, you need to seal off entrances before you do anything else.

Three Reasons To Hire A Pest Control Service Before Moving To Your New Home

Whether you are moving to a new house or apartment, hiring a pest control expert can help you to ensure your new home is ready for you and your family. Here are three reasons you should enlist the help of a pest control expert before you move into a new home. Wood-Destroying Organism Inspection Wood-destroying organisms can cause damage to your home. The pest control expert will look for signs of an infestation in your home's siding and woodwork, which will let you handle the pest infestation before it causes serious damage.

Problem With Mice? 2 Tips to Help You Get Rid of Them

Few things can invoke the feelings of fear or panic that arise when you're sitting down on the couch catching up on your favorite television shows, only to see a mouse dart speedily across the floor. You may be so anxious that you pop up immediately and run to the store hoping to get mice traps or any chemical you can find that can help alleviate the problem. However, there are a few other things that may work even better than the aforementioned techniques.

Five Essential Oils That Help Keep Pesky Bugs Away

When it comes to insects, do you feel like you have to choose between putting up with the bugs and exposing yourself to pesticides? Fortunately, you don't. Several essential oils are great for repelling bugs like mosquitoes, ants, and flies, and they won't harm you in the process. Lavender The pleasant scent of this essential oil makes it great for using around the house. Place a few drops on some pine cones or wood chips, and set them in a bowl in your counter.

Feeling Brave? Here's How You Can Remove A Beehive

If you've noticed a large beehive attached to your home or even near it, your first instinct is probably to call a local pest control company. But if you don't feel like paying for an exterminator or professional beekeeper, you can safely remove the beehive yourself. If you are not intimidated by bees and want to attempt to move a hive on your own, here's how you can do it.

How To Control Fleas Naturally

When the hot spring and summer months arrive, so do summer pests, such as fleas. If you have pets that go outside often, this is going to be a regular problem. While there are flea collars and treatments you can use on your pets and in your home, you might want to choose a more natural solution. Here are some tips for controlling fleas naturally. Add Vinegar to Pet Water Bowls

Keeping Termites Away From Your Home

When a homeowner discovers that there are termites living within the woodwork in their home, they will want to take appropriate steps to have them removed quickly and efficiently. Termites can cause major destruction to a home's structure if they are not eradicated promptly. After termites are destroyed inside, you will need to take additional steps to keep them from returning. Here are some steps to follow in the removal and deterrence of termites. Don't Handle It Alone

4 Things You Need To Know About Gnats

Gnats, also known as house mosquitoes, are tiny flying insects that can cause major problems for people, both indoors and outdoors. Here are four things you need to know about gnats. How do you identify them? Gnats are small, flying pests with light brown bodies. Their bodies are mostly plain, with no markings on their wings, legs, or heads, though the females have light brown or cream colored bands on their abdomens.

A Homemade Laundry Additive For Your Bed Linens For Bed Bug Prevention And Treatment

If you have noticed a few bed bugs in your sheets, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to kill them and keep more from invading your bed. If so, use the following homemade laundry additive whenever you wash your bed linens. What You Will Need Before you begin, gather the ingredients and supplies below. Large plastic container with a lid Two cups of borax laundry booster Two cups hot tap water 20 drops of lavender essential oil 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil The borax in this treatment not only thoroughly cleans your linens, but it also kills any bed bugs caught in the fibers.

These Cute Animals Will Wreak Havoc On Your Yard

It can be a joy to see cute wild life in your yard, but that joy can soon turn to dismay when you see the damage that they can cause to your landscape. If you're familiar with the most common wildlife that cause damage to your yard, then you will know the best way to handle them and keep your yard safe. Rabbits These animals are probably towards the top of the cuteness chart, but they can also cause a lot of damage.

Debunking Frequent Myths About Bed Bug Eradication In The Home

It can start out with just one bug accidentally packed home after an overnight stay at a hotel or a visit to a friend's home, but a bed bug problem can grow into an all-out terror in a short amount of time. You may think that bed bugs will never be a concern in your home, but these biting nocturnal critters can be found across the country, in all 50 states, and in some pretty unexpected places, such as movie theaters and medical facilities.

Get That Mouse Out Of The House

In cool weather, mice will migrate into buildings and other structures to stay warm. They don't care if the building is a run down garden shed or your new home. Once inside, they will settle into their daily routine of nest building, maintenance, and finding food sources. If you see one mouse in your house, you can bet there are more nearby. Here are the signs of an active mouse colony in your house and how to get rid of them.

Exterminating Pests

Getting rid of different types of pests can be very difficult. There are many different methods for exterminating pests, and there are many methods that a person can do themselves. This article will outline different do it yourself methods of pest extermination that are eco, pet, and child friendly. Finally this article will offer some friendly advice to those looking to hire a professional pest control service.  Diatomaceous Earth One method of pest control that is gaining popularity is by using organic diatomaceous earth.

Protecting Citrus Plants: 3 Pest Control Tips For Exterminating Asian Citrus Psyllids

It's funny how one small insect can have a profound impact on agriculture. First detected on the east coasts of Florida in 1998, Asian Citrus Psyllids have spread to many states in America. These pests carry a serious citrus disease known as the greening disease, which affects and destroys citrus plants. If you ever notice any of these pesky little bugs on your property, you want to act fast with these 3 useful pest control tips in order to prevent these pests from causing further damage.

Helpful Things To Know About Rodents In A House

Do you hear a lot of noise inside of the walls when all of the lights are off at night? The noise that you hear might be rodents, and it is wise for you to hire an exterminator to get to the bottom of the problem. Discover in this article some helpful information about having a rodent problem in your house. How Can a Homeowner Determine if Rodents are in the House?

Got Fleas In Your Apartment? Get Rid Of Them With Items Already In Your Home

Getting rid of fleas by yourself is never an easy task, but when you live in an apartment with shared walls and vents, it can be even harder. However, if you notice fleas and are able to catch the problem right away, you may be able to rid them from your apartment yourself. Here are a couple of ways you can attempt to get rid of these annoying pests with items you already have in your home.