These Cute Animals Will Wreak Havoc On Your Yard

It can be a joy to see cute wild life in your yard, but that joy can soon turn to dismay when you see the damage that they can cause to your landscape. If you're familiar with the most common wildlife that cause damage to your yard, then you will know the best way to handle them and keep your yard safe.


These animals are probably towards the top of the cuteness chart, but they can also cause a lot of damage. They are known for ruining vegetable gardens, but they can do more than just clean out your garden. Rabbits love to chew so they will chew on anything that appeals to them, which can ruin trees and shrubbery in your yard.


You know you have moles if you start tripping over humps when walking around on your lawn that used to be flat and neat. These little creatures burrow tunnels underground in order to find insects to eat. These means they can ruin root systems underground and cause bumps on a once flat landscape.


It can be really exciting to see deer in your yard, but they can also be deadly for your yard and garden. These beautiful creatures chew flowers, young trees, vegetables and dig in your yard. The males like to scrape their antlers on trees causing ugly gashes in them and sometimes causing them to die.

Wild Cats

You may think wild cats are not that big a deal, but they do quite a bit of damage. They like to use flowerbeds as their litter boxes, which is not good for your plants. If you enjoy bird watching and have bird feeders, then you may be dismayed to see many of the birds you once enjoyed being killed by wild cats.


These little creatures can be quite the pests, stealing the bird seeds from bird feeders, eating bulbs out of your flowerbeds, and eating the fruit off your fruit trees. They also make nests everywhere, including on and in your house.


Nothing is quite as cute and entertaining as raccoons, but they can do a lot of damage to your yard. They like to dig, eat, and get into trashcans.

Don't worry if you have problems with wildlife. There is a lot you can do to deter these animals. There are repellants for deer, fencing, special bird feeders that squirrels can't breach, and garbage cans with tight lids that raccoons can't get into. Contact a business, such as Pestco Inc, if you notice that you have issues with pests around your yard.