Have A Rodent Infestation In Your Building? Know These 3 Things

Do you have tenants in your building that hear noises behind the walls, leading you to suspect that there are rodents hiding somewhere? This is a problem that a landlord would prefer not to handle, but it could happen to any building. The truth is that rodents can be attracted to dirty or clean buildings as long as the place is a good living environment for them. While it can be very difficult for someone to remove these rodents from your property, the task isn't impossible to do. Here are Three things you need to know about your rodent infestation.

1. Be Careful Of Rodent Feces And Urine

Those rodents are going to leave a fair amount of feces and urine in your building. While your gut reaction may be to clean it up when you see it, be aware that rodent waste will care pathogens in it that can make you feel sick. You'll want to take protection when cleaning up their waste by wearing plastic gloves and a face mask so that you do not breathe in anything accidentally. Pest removal companies may also offer a cleanup service to make sure all of the rodent waste is gone.

2. Determine The Need For No-Kill Traps

One reason that people are afraid of calling a local pest control company is that they are worried that their methods will harm the rodents. They may want to opt for a humane option to get rid of them, which means using no-kill traps.

You may think that no-kill traps will be better for the rodents, but they may be just as bad as using kill traps and poisons. That is because rodents are trapped and released far away from what they consider to be their homes. It causes a rodent to be very confused about where they are, not knowing where to find water or food. It's very likely that these rodents released into the wild eventually die due to starvation or dehydration.

3. Know Why A Pest Control Company Is Best

Chances are that rodent extermination is not your expertise. Why not call in a professional that can get the job done right the first time. Even using poison in your building can result in the rodents dying in odd places, causing odors that won't easily go away and affect the air quality for your tenants. A commercial pest control company will take care of the rodent problem with minimum disruption to those in your building.