That Buzzing Doesn't Sound Happy: What To Do When You Run Afoul Of Bees This Summer

Now that summer is here, you'll probably notice an increase in bee activity around the yard. In most cases, bees will stick to themselves and leave you alone. However, there may be times when bees decide that they want to claim your entire yard as part of their territory. When that happens, you need to take great care. The last thing you want is a yard full of angry bees. Here are four steps you should follow if you run into problems with bees.

Keep Children and Pets Away

When it comes to angry bees, the most important thing you can do is keep the children and pets away. Find a different area of the yard for your kids and dogs to play in. If your children do go outside, be sure to dress them in light, non-colorful clothing. It's also important that you avoid any hint of floral fragrances. Floral scents and bright colors can attract bees.

Don't Seal Off the Entry to the Hive

It's not uncommon for people to treat bee hives like they do ant hills – seal off the entry to keep them away. Unfortunately, sealing off the entry to a beehive can put you at risk for seriously angry bees. Not only that, but bees won't give up once they're trapped in their hives. They'll simply find another way out, or another place to set up their hive – which could end up being inside your home. To reduce the risk, avoid sealing off the entry to the hive.

Avoid Bright Lights During Night Removal

If you've decided to take care of the hive removal by yourself, you might have decided to tackle the project at night. After all, that's when bees are the least active. Unfortunately, that's also when it's the hardest for you to see, which means you might decide to use some shop lights to illuminate the area. That's the last thing you want to do. Bees are attracted to light, and the addition of shop lights at night could stir them up and make them extremely agitated. If you do decide to get rid of the bees yourself, never use shop lights around the hives.

Take Care Around the Ground Hives

If you've got bees living in underground hives, you need to take care with the foot traffic. You might not realize this, but any heavy foot steps over the hive may agitate the bees and cause them to swarm. If you can, mark the entry points to the ground hives so that you can tread lightly in those areas.

If you've got bees, use the information provided here to reduce the risk of stings while you're trying to rid your yard of the hives. For maximum protection, you should contact a pest control company such as Econo-Way Exterminating for hive removal.