Bed Bugs: Little Known Facts You May Not Have Realized

Bed bugs are some of the most frightening of all household pests, and they're also some of the most difficult to eradicate. These small, brown insects can be found in hotels, your home, and even in movie theater seats. When people hear the term bed bugs, certain images and thoughts immediately come to mind. Here are a few facts about these annoying pests that you may not have known.

The Name Is Not Important

The name "bed bug" comes from an ancient Latin word that  translates to "bug of the bed." But bed bugs are not exclusive to just your bed and bedding. In fact, these little pests can be found in linens, closets, upholstered furniture, and even hiding behind picture frames on the wall. They feed on their prey, namely you, when you are completely still. This is why they've maintained their reputation for being found in the bed, since people are at their most still while they're sleeping. If you think you have these little creatures in your home, check in all of these places and not just the bed and bedding.

Bed Bugs Don't Care About Cleanliness

While you might assume that bed bugs are only found in dirty places, they actually do not care whether their environment is clean or not. Bed bugs can gravitate towards a central place as long as one or more are gathered together in that place. Consequently, the swarming bugs will follow and choose your home to live in even if you think it's spotless. Many times, people get bed bugs because a few of them hitched a ride home from somewhere else. As long as there is a food source (namely you and your pets), the bed bugs will stay. So even if you clean your home religiously, you're not immune to a bed bug infestation.

They Don't Respond To Normal Treatments

Perhaps you've read that things like boric acid will kill of swarms of bed bugs, or that a "bug bomb" filled with insecticide should remedy the problem. The reality is that bed bugs are almost completely non-responsive to traditional treatments used to kill other pests. If you find out that you have a problem with these horrible pests, it's always best to contact a professional pest control service to help you get rid of them. They can get their hands on a special chemical that can effectively kill off all of the bed bugs. Never try to get rid of them yourself because even if you notice a few dead here and there, the rest are probably still hiding in the shadows.