Problem With Mice? 2 Tips to Help You Get Rid of Them

Few things can invoke the feelings of fear or panic that arise when you're sitting down on the couch catching up on your favorite television shows, only to see a mouse dart speedily across the floor. You may be so anxious that you pop up immediately and run to the store hoping to get mice traps or any chemical you can find that can help alleviate the problem. However, there are a few other things that may work even better than the aforementioned techniques. Use this information to learn more about two measures you should take when your home has a problem with mice.

Proof Your Home

One of the first steps you should take when you have a problem with mice is to proof your home. Proofing your home is all about sealing up those cracks and crevices throughout your house that can serve as an entrypoint for mice.

Understand that although the mice you see in your home may appear chubby and round, their biology is a bit different from humans. They have the ability to flatten themselves to such an extent that they can fit into places the size of a pencil. Although this is hard to believe, it may be the reason why you're having problems with mice.

Use caulking to seal up those spaces around your windows where the jamb doesn't quite meet the sill. Also, check for cracks in your doors that could be the culprit. If you're not able to see a crack with your naked eye, try this: wait until it's a dark outside, and then turn the lights on in your house. Go outside, and seal off the places where you're able to see slivers of light shining through. These are cracks that you want to block off so you can keep critters at bay.

Use Dryer Sheets

Another item you can use to deter mice is to strategically place dryer sheets all around your home. While you may think that dryer sheets smell absolutely glorious, mice hate the scent. Place these around your home and refresh them periodically when you notice the smell is starting to wane. This may be just the key that you were looking for in your fight against the mice that insist upon invading your home.

You don't have to drench your home in chemicals to get rid of your mice problem. However, if you still find mice in your home, contact mice control companies to learn more about your options.