Dealing With Fire Ants During Dry Season? 3 Tips To Keep Them Out Of Your Home

Fire ants have a wicked bite and sting, and during a hot, dry summer, you have to be extra careful. These insects are the most painful to deal with during summer because of the increased venom levels. Their bites are common, with as much as half of people in areas with a high fire ant population getting them. But, you should still do everything you can to avoid feeling the pain that they can cause. You may also want to avoid seeing whether you will have an allergic reaction to the bite itself. Throughout dry season, a yard with minimal food and water may make it tempting for fire ants to start invading your home. You want to do everything you can to prevent these insects from getting in your home and wreaking havoc.

Avoid Grass Lawns in Favor of Hardscape

Fire ant hills often begin popping up when you have a large grass lawn due to the soft dirt and ease of burrowing underneath. If you don't routinely sprinkle fire ant killer on the lawn, you can expect an interconnecting passageway between all of the fire ant mounds. An easy way to avoid this is by pouring concrete or laying down rocks instead.

Fill in Cracks to Prevent Entry

If you have some cracks throughout the exterior of your house, you should get them fixed right away. You can hire a professional to prevent you from having to worry about reliable results, but you can also do it with a few supplies in spackle, paint, caulk, steel wool, and latex gloves. One of the key parts is to put a long-lasting material in between the holes to give them more substance rather than just spackle.

Get Rid of Food and Water Signs

In the dry season, fire ants will come in your home to look for food and water that they cannot find elsewhere. You need to be adamant with cleaning up spills and putting away food almost immediately. Running the garbage disposal after every meal, wiping down counters of crumbs, and using airtight containers for any food items that you store outside of the fridge or freezer are all effective tips.

Fire ants are problematic to have in your backyard, but they become even more detrimental when they get into your home. Controlling fire ants on your property is tough enough as it is, but by following these three tips, you can drastically reduce the chances for them to enter your home. To learn more, contact a pest control company like Emory Brantley & Sons Termite and Pest Control