How To Control Fleas Naturally

When the hot spring and summer months arrive, so do summer pests, such as fleas. If you have pets that go outside often, this is going to be a regular problem. While there are flea collars and treatments you can use on your pets and in your home, you might want to choose a more natural solution. Here are some tips for controlling fleas naturally.

Add Vinegar to Pet Water Bowls

Vinegar is a natural deterrent to fleas, so if your pets are drinking water with traces of vinegar, they won't be as inclined to bite your pets. While the fleas may still jump on the pets, they won't stick around for long. Both apple cider vinegar and white distilled vinegar can be added to the water. Add just a few drops to a fresh bowl of water, starting with just one flavor of vinegar. If your pets still seem to enjoy the water, go ahead and keep doing this every time the water bowl is filled. However, if they reduce their water intake, try switching to the other type of vinegar and see if they like the taste better.

Bathe the Pets Often

If you don't want to use a flea control product on your pets that contains different chemicals or additives, start by simply washing your pet regularly. Washing the pets causes many of the fleas to jump off an into the water, after which you can drain the water and send the fleas down the plumbing drain. For the fleas still on the pet after the bath, use a fine-toothed comb to comb the fleas out and dispose of them. You should wash your pets more often than you normally do, but not so often that their skin dries out. If you currently wash them once every couple weeks, consider increasing it to once a week instead. Your veterinarian might also have some flea treatments that only use natural products.

Vacuum the Carpets Daily

Fleas not only live on your pets, but they will jump around on your carpets as well. To practice natural pest control, get out your vacuum on a daily basis to vacuum them up. This is a better option if you have a vacuum cleaner with a bag. After vacuuming each day, remove the bag, seal it up, and throw it in the garbage can. While you will be spending a little more on vacuum bags, you will be removing the fleas in a natural, health-conscious way. You can also use the vacuum nozzle on fabric furniture if you find fleas there as well.

Call a Professional

If you still haven't been able to get rid of fleas, call up a pest control company. Many of them are willing to work with you if you want to stick with the natural pest control methods. Both boric acid and diatomaceous earth might be used by the pest control company. These items are sprinkled inside and outside the home, which kill the fleas when they walk or jump through them. 

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