What Are Some Ways To Kill Water Bugs?

A water bug is a type of pest that might be found in your plumbing fixtures or in puddles of water around your home. While they are often confused with cockroaches, these pests are quite different. Here are some tips for getting rid of water bugs in and around your home.

Seal Off All Entrances

Any time you have an indoor bug problem, you need to seal off entrances before you do anything else. Even if you kill all the water bugs inside your home, more can get inside if you fail to do this. Take a close look at your home's foundation, looking for signs of broken window seals, cracks, and holes. These are all places where these bugs can get inside. Filling cracks with caulk is easy enough to do on your own, though if you can't seem to find how they are getting in, contacting a pest control company (like IPM - Intelligent Pest Management or another location) might be necessary. Also check areas of your home like the attic or basement where the bugs might be gaining entrance.

Have Leaks Taken Care of

Since water bugs are drawn to water sources inside your home, you also need to look for signs of leaks. This is often where the bugs are found, due to the standing water. For example, if you have a leak underneath your bathroom sink, you might open the cabinet and find multiple bugs underneath the sink. Look for signs of leaks, such as dripping faucets, puddles of water near bathroom fixtures, or standing water in your tub. Get all of these addressed by a plumber before you do anything else.

Capture the Bugs With Traps

Once all entrances are sealed off and you have taken care of the water in your home, it is time to exterminate the water bugs. Since it is often hard to capture them on your own, a better option is to use traps. Roach baits work great with water bugs. Set them out in areas of your home where you have seen the bugs, such as a basement, kitchen, or bathroom. Make sure they are kept away from pets and small children. Placing them close to the wall or underneath the sink or cabinet is often a good idea. Putting them beneath the fridge is another good option. Check the traps often to dispose of any water bugs they catch.

Use Natural Remedies

You may want to use natural remedies if you are concerned about the chemicals used with traps or if you have pets that might disturb the traps. One great item to use is boric acid. You can sprinkle this in areas where you have seem the bugs, who will then walk through it and carry it back to the other bugs. It kills all of the bugs that come into contact with the acid. It is not toxic to pets or your home, so it is a safe option.