Keeping Your Outdoor Lawn Furniture Spider-Free

If you live in a wooded area and enjoy spending time outdoors during warmer months, you probably do not like sharing it with the pests that are likely to be in the area. One pest that tends to hang around wooded outdoor areas in search of insects to feast upon is the spider. If you find you have spider woes in your own backyard, they may harbor in cracks and crevices of your lawn furniture. Try some of the following tips to divert spiders to other areas so you can enjoy your time lounging on your lawn furniture without seeing these eight-legged creatures in the process.

Clean All Pieces Before The Season Hits

Most people will store their outdoor furniture in a shed, garage, or screen porch until warmer months emerge. Take the time to clean these pieces in their entirety before you place them in your yard for use as they may have a dirt buildup from being not being used. This will eliminate debris that may be used to hide small spiders. Having clean furniture will help you see these intruders easier so you can remove them before they multiply in number. Vacuum wicker and wipe down resin or other washable furniture pieces to remove dirt completely.

Place Your Furniture In Appropriate Areas

To help reduce the number of spiders that may use your furniture for a resting spot, place it in a shady area away from any illuminated light source if possible. Spiders will stay active in areas where lighting is present, as these are areas many insects spiders enjoy eating will congregate. Make sure your furniture is located away from any brush, tree branches, or flowers. Instead, place your furniture in an open area so spiders cannot use vegetation as a bridge.

Make The Yard Less Attractive To Divert Pests

If your yard is not full of insects for spiders to eat, they will move on to other areas. Take charge of the spider problem by eliminating their food source. A pest control product can be applied to your yard to reduce the amount of bugs so spiders leave the premises in search of a meal. 

Swap your home's outdoor lighting to yellow-colored bulbs. These emit less light and will help keep insect population down in the area. If you have a wood pile, move it to an area far from your outdoor seating area. A better idea is to turn off your outdoor lighting altogether to eliminate insects from the area, thereby reducing spiders as a result.

As soon as you see a spider web, knock it down to frustrate the creator. If you do this several times, the spiders that made the webs will move away from the area so they can set up a home without risk of it being ruined. 

Spray your lawn furniture with citrus or lavender oil to help keep spiders from settling in. These scents are unattractive to spiders, making them look for others areas to set up camp.

For more information, contact Rainbow Pest Control or a similar company.