Three Reasons To Hire A Pest Control Service Before Moving To Your New Home

Whether you are moving to a new house or apartment, hiring a pest control expert can help you to ensure your new home is ready for you and your family. Here are three reasons you should enlist the help of a pest control expert before you move into a new home.

Wood-Destroying Organism Inspection

Wood-destroying organisms can cause damage to your home. The pest control expert will look for signs of an infestation in your home's siding and woodwork, which will let you handle the pest infestation before it causes serious damage. This inspection will also help you to identify conditions in your home that may be conducive to future infestations so you can prevent them before they happen.

Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs can be difficult to detect, and they can live in carpeting, baseboards and other areas of your home. Since they can survive for up to a year without feeding, even a home that has been empty for some time can have bedbugs. Hiring a pest control expert to inspect your new home for bed bugs gives you the chance to eliminate the infestation before the pests have a chance to take over your furniture and clothing. Be sure to let the pest control service know if the previous occupants reported an infestation, as this may help the pest control expert with the inspection and extermination process.

Attic Inspections

There are a number of types of pests that can take over a home's attic, and the signs of infestation may not be apparent in the early stages. Your pest control expert can look for signs of squirrels, mice or other rodents, which can be found living in attic and loft spaces. It is important to have rodent infestations dealt with, as these animals are known to carry diseases, such as the hantavirus. Your pest control expert will be able to help you remove the animals and any nests in your attic, and he or she will also be able to disinfect the area to ensure your family's health. Talk to your pest control expert about looking for any areas that rodents might use to gain entry into your attic to prevent future infestations.

While you may have inspected your new home or apartment before signing a lease or loan, you may not be able to spot all of the obvious signs of insect and animal infestations. For more information, contact Aardvark Pest Control or a similar company.