3 Reasons to Encapsulate the Crawl Space In Your Rental Property

If you own a rental property, your main goal is to make money on the property. However, in order to make money from the property — you have to invest in it. Encapsulating the crawl space of the home is an excellent way to go about accomplishing this goal, and ultimately, making money from your rental. Learn how this update can benefit your property and tenants. 

1. Lower Costs

Encapsulation is much like a sealant in that it helps keep outside air from impacting the temperature in the lower level of a home. As a result, in the summer it's cooler, and in the winter, the lower level of the house is warmer. 

When a potential tenant checks the utility averages for the property, they will be pleased to discover that the house's heating and cooling costs are more reasonably priced than say a home that has not been encapsulated. For a tenant that weights much of their decision about where to rent on utility costs, this benefit is one that can help keep your property occupied, rather than vacant. 

2. Reduced Maintenance Expenses

In addition to helping regulate the temperature inside the property, encapsulating the crawl space also helps with keeping moisture under control. If the house is in an area with high humidity levels, moisture that gets trapped in the crawl space can start to travel toward the floorboards that support the floor.

Since these floorboards are made of wood, rotting can quickly occur. A rotted floorboard will require replacement, which can be costly, and if the home has wood floors, they will also need to be replaced, which doubles your cost. Encapsulation blocks moisture and helps reduce your maintenance expenses. 

3. More Selling Power

While the property is a rental now, in the future you might decide that you want to sell the property. If this time ever comes, you undoubtedly want to get as much for the property as you can. One benefit you will have if you choose to encapsulate the crawl space is the fact that homebuyers like upgrades that will save them money.

From the reduced heating and cooling costs to floor protection and ultimately, greater comfort in the home due to better temperature control, buyers will find your property more attractive.

If you are ready to make this important investment, a professional is more than ready to help. In addition to assisting you with the installation, local pest control companies can help you explore some benefits of crawl space encapsulation.