Exterminating Pests

Getting rid of different types of pests can be very difficult. There are many different methods for exterminating pests, and there are many methods that a person can do themselves. This article will outline different do it yourself methods of pest extermination that are eco, pet, and child friendly. Finally this article will offer some friendly advice to those looking to hire a professional pest control service. 

Diatomaceous Earth

One method of pest control that is gaining popularity is by using organic diatomaceous earth. This material is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is silicious in makeup. The powder can have a smooth or a rough feel, and is generally a few hundred microns in diameter. The sedimentary rock powder is actually the remains of silicious diatoms. Interestingly enough the diatomaceous powder kills insects by absorbing the fats in the exoskeleton of the organism. This causes the insects to dehydrate and thus kills them. It must be noted that in order to be an effective treatment for bugs, the powder must be less than 12 microns in diameter. 

Eliminate Breeding Grounds

One of the most effective methods to at least reduce pests is eliminating breeding grounds. Garbage, stagnant water, and sewage are some of the most popular breeding grounds for pests. One of the first things that professionals will look for are these breeding grounds. So, if a proactive home owner noticed these problems they could reduce the risk of pests. If there stagnant water it will most likely be underneath the home. Make sure all pipes are tight and in good shape. If the problem still persists try to ventilate the area. Be sure that sewage systems are properly functioning and that garbage areas are routinely cleaned. 

Hire A Professional

It is important to note that because of problems in the past, most companies are going to do a fantastic job in providing quality pest control. The days of harmful pesticides being used in residential areas is becoming a thing of the past. Most companies that offer pest control will be using safe methods in order to give you a pest free home. When investigating potential services just be sure to investigate the types of methods they will use. Pests do not just invade the home during one time of the year, and different pests make themselves known at different times. Therefore, make sure that the service that you purchase is at least semi-annually. For information on rodent control or pest extermination, contact a professional in your area.