Keeping Termites Away From Your Home

When a homeowner discovers that there are termites living within the woodwork in their home, they will want to take appropriate steps to have them removed quickly and efficiently. Termites can cause major destruction to a home's structure if they are not eradicated promptly. After termites are destroyed inside, you will need to take additional steps to keep them from returning. Here are some steps to follow in the removal and deterrence of termites.

Don't Handle It Alone

Calling a pest control service is the best way to remove these creatures from the woodwork in your home. You can try using commercial-grade pest control products, but if you miss one portion of lumber where termites are holed up inside, you may have a recurring problem. A pest control service will have the right products to get the job done in its entirety. Everyone will need to vacate the home, as the pest control service will use sprays or bombs to remove termites, but the problem will be handled in a way where there will be no stragglers left behind afterward.

Remove All Attractions

Termites are usually present where there are items made from cellulose, hence their love for burrowing into wood beams. They will also hang out in areas where there are stacks of newspapers, books, or magazines. Place these items in storage containers so termites do not use them as a meal source. Areas with water are also attractive to termites, especially if it is moisture on a wood surface. Fix any dripping plumbing problems and use a dehumidifier in rooms where exposed wood appears moist.

Treat Your Yard Next

Ask the pest control service to treat your property if you believe termites are harbored up underground. They will use a bait system to spread a termite killing agent to the insects living in nests in the dirt. These traps are pushed into the ground. The bottom portion has holes where termites can get in and out. You will need to add pieces of cardboard or wood slivers dipped in the bait to the top portion of the traps every few days. The termites will grab the cellulose-based items and bring them back to their nests underground to share with the rest of the colony. 

Consider Using Nematodes

Beneficial nematodes could also be used to remove termites from underground so they do not make their way to your home. These are small worms that are sprinkled on your lawn. They will burrow into the ground and eat any termites present. This is a great way to kill off termites without using harsh chemicals in the process.

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