Keeping Your Belongings Bed-Bug Free When Visiting a Hotel

If you are going to be traveling in the near future, and your trip requires a stay in a hotel, you may be a bit concerned about the prospect of bed bugs becoming an issue. Since the bed you will be sleeping in will not be your own, it is important to take a few steps to ensure your belongings as well as your body do not fall victim to these bloodsucking parasites. Here are some tips you can use when staying in a hotel to ensure you do not bring a bed-bug problem back to your home after you check out.

Check the Bed Thoroughly Before Using It

Before you bring your belongings into a hotel room, take the time to visually inspect the bed for any signs of a bed-bug problem. Bed bugs resemble sunflower seeds, only they are a bit darker brown in color. They are flat and cylindrical in shape. Look at the headboard for any of these bugs hiding within cracks or crevices. Lift up the sheets and evaluate the condition of the box spring, as this is a spot where bed bugs tend to hide until it is dark. If you see red markings on the bed, they may be remnants of blood that bedbugs left behind after having a meal from a previous guest. Inform the hotel you will not be staying in the room and why so that they can remedy the situation.

Keep Your Belongings Off of Floors

Since bed bugs can crawl down to floor level via the legs of the bed, it is best to keep all of your belongings raised to a higher level. Keeping your items inside of your suitcase is best. If possible, contain your suitcase inside of a large plastic garbage bag so bed bugs do not crawl onto the exterior. When you need an item of clothing, open up the trash bag and take it out of your suitcase. Keeping your items wrapped will better protect them from a harbored bed bug coming home with you when you leave your room.

Clean Items Upon Your Arrival Home

Do not take the chance in bringing items into your home after your trip if you suspect a bed-bug infestation was present at the hotel you were staying in. Instead, vacuum your suitcase if it is cloth or wipe it down with a cleanser if it is made from plastic or another medium. Place your clothing inside of a garbage bag to transport it into your home. You can then place it directly into your washing machine and launder it at the highest temperature setting. Make sure to dry your clothing in a hot temperature as well.

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